14 Compelling Reasons You Need A Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament with magnifying glassLast Will and Testament with magnifying glass

It is commonly stated that Louisiana laws are very different from all other states. The generality of that belief may be debatable, but there is no doubt that our inheritance laws are different. Louisiana forces some parents to leave a prescribed portion of their property to certain children, called “forced heirs”.  See the wills and estates page of our website for […]

Landlocked but not out of luck

utility house

Landlocked landowners in Louisiana can now hookup to utilities on their neighbor’s property. Previously, the enclosed landowner could cross a neighbor’s property only to obtain access to a road. However, it is not an unrestrained right and is not free. Basic elements of acquiring the right of passage for utilities 1.  The owner must have […]

OUCH! The pocket book pain of dog bites under Louisiana law.

Dog Bites Infographic

Louisiana does not have an automatic free first bite law and therefore it is necessary for homeowners to have adequate homeowner’s insurance, even though the risk of a dog bite is low. Across the United States, people own approximately 78.2 million dogs. It’s likely that the overwhelming majority of these dog owners treat their pets as […]