Creditor and Debtor Rights

Alford & Alford counsels clients on a variety of debtor and creditor issues. A sampling includes:
  • Lenders and borrowers on loan transactions, security agreements, promissory notes, guarantees, mortgages and mortgage foreclosures;
  • Associations and property owners on condominium and homeowners dues and assessements;
  • Contractor and property owners on construction contract issues; and
  • Breach of residential and commercial leases, including non-payment of rent.

Loan and Related Transactions
Alford & Alford can assist you in your credit transactions from inception to collection, for borrowers and creditors alike.  Contact Alford & Alford for guidance on the terms your financial documents should include. Alford & Alford is also approved counsel for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Condominium and Homeowners Associations: For collection of condo and homeowners dues, see our page dedicated to condominium and homeowners associations.

Construction Industry
Contractors are granted lien rights that only a few others are similarly afforded. This creates a unique contractual relationship between contractors and property owners.

Alford & Alford has represented both contractors and property owners from initial negotiations through drafting the construction contract, guidance on issues that arise during construction, filing and defending liens and construction litigation.

Debt Collection

We assist clients on such issues as litigation, garnishments, property seizure and lien enforcement.

Vessel Transactions

Alford & Alford also conducts closings for financing transactions for vessels. These closings involve different procedures and ownership research than real estate transactions.
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