UM rejection to be dated by insured at same time form signed

In February 2011, a Louisiana Court of Appeal held that a uninsured motorist rejection form is not valid unless it is dated by the insured at the time of signature. The case was sent back to the trial court, where conflicting witness testimony will be presented as to who dated the UM coverage section. There is no documentary evidence to prove who dated the rejection. […]

Louisiana insurance agent records are important in proving notice given of lapse or renewal of policy

Insurer only obligated to mail notice of non-renewal, not required to obtain proof of delivery of notice of non-renewal or lapse of policy Recently, the Louisiana Supreme Court issued an opinion important to insurers. Specifically the Court held that insurers are required only to mail the notice of non-renewal of a homeowner’s insurance policy to the insured. The insurer […]

OUCH! The pocket book pain of dog bites under Louisiana law.

Dog Bites Infographic

Louisiana does not have an automatic free first bite law and therefore it is necessary for homeowners to have adequate homeowner’s insurance, even though the risk of a dog bite is low. Across the United States, people own approximately 78.2 million dogs. It’s likely that the overwhelming majority of these dog owners treat their pets as […]