7 Actions a POA Agent Should Avoid

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Except in the case of an emergency, an agent acting under a general power of attorney should never, never, never: Use cash from the principal’s account for any purpose, unless and only if receipts with full explanations are kept to account for every penny. And then, this should the exception, not the norm. It’s always […]

14 Compelling Reasons You Need A Last Will and Testament

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It is commonly stated that Louisiana laws are very different from all other states. The generality of that belief may be debatable, but there is no doubt that our inheritance laws are different. Louisiana forces some parents to leave a prescribed portion of their property to certain children, called “forced heirs”.  See the wills and estates page of our website for […]

How to Avoid Unnecessarily Complicated Louisiana Estates

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As compared to some other states, the Louisiana probate procedure can be quite simple if the decedent’s affairs were in order and if the heirs act in a timely, prudent manner. Otherwise heirs will face an unnecessarily complicated probate, which will increase legal fees and court costs and unduly extend the time to conclude the […]

Louisiana studies pet trusts


Is Louisiana ready for trusts for pets? Remember the multi-million dollar trust Leona  Helmsley created for her beloved dog, Trouble? Well, trusts for pets are not currently allowed under Louisiana law.  But, that may be about to change. The Louisiana legislature passed a resolution during its 2011 session asking the Louisiana Law Institute to study the issue.  The […]

Parents are forced to leave portion of estate to children with bipolar disease

Per three court decisions, children with bipolar disease are “forced heirs”. This is a Louisiana inheritance concept whereby parents are “forced” to leave a part of their estate to certain children. Prior to 1995 all children were forced heirs and were entitled to inherit unless disinherited. In 1995, forced heirs were redefined and are now: 1.  Any child, […]