Landlocked but not out of luck

utility house

Landlocked landowners in Louisiana can now hookup to utilities on their neighbor’s property. Previously, the enclosed landowner could cross a neighbor’s property only to obtain access to a road. However, it is not an unrestrained right and is not free. Basic elements of acquiring the right of passage for utilities 1.  The owner must have […]

Businesses with public contracts must e-verify current and new employees

A recent Louisiana law now requires all Louisiana private employers bidding on public contracts to verify by sworn statement that it (1) uses the E-verify system to confirm that all of its employees in Louisiana are U.S. citizens or legal aliens, (2) will verify the status of its new employees hired during the term of […]

Materialmen’s lien must specify materials

house plans with model of house under construction

Contractors and subcontractors are two of only a few creditors that are granted the right to obtain a secured right in property prior to a judicial confirmation of the debt. Other creditors afforded this right include condominium and homeowners associations. This is a favored position and should not be taken lightly.  Careful review should be […]