Inches Matter in Homeowner Restrictions


Homeowner ordered to remove completed construction, despite government variance. In a Louisiana case, a homeowner constructed an addition to his home. However, the addition did not meet either the subdivision side setback requirements in the restrictions or the limits required by the local government. Serious and costly consequences followed for failure to abide by the […]

Louisiana condominium association held to strict compliance with lien statute.

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Favored rights granted to condominium associations Only a few types of creditors in Louisiana are granted the right to lien a debtor’s property prior to a judicial confirmation that a debt is in fact owed. This is a valuable right and should not be taken lightly. Creditors afforded this preferred status include condominium associations, homeowners […]

New Louisiana Condo laws require notices to unit owners

Two new Louisiana condo laws require notice to unit owners.

  In 2011, the Louisiana legislature passed two new condo laws on fidelity insurance and late fees. Both laws mandate notifications to each unit owner. Why not combine the notices? The combined notice should state: that the condo association has procured fidelity insurance or a fidelity bond that the owner has a right to inspect proof […]