Before Signing a Contract, Consider These Tips

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Contract Tips: Negotiate, Review, Inquire, Revise, Decide. Before signing a contract, consider these tips: (1)  Read it in its entirety. (2)  Ask for explanation of any terms you don’t understand. (3)  Seek legal counsel. (4)   Make sure it includes all of the terms you requested. (5)  Unless it is a promissory note, sign multiple originals, […]

Due Diligence Before Starting a Business

Consult with the Small Business Development Centers Stop and Think. Especially if this is your first business venture. Starting a business is more than just meeting the legal requirements; there’s much much more. There are personality, family, financial, market, education and planning considerations. Adequate and thorough analysis of these and other factors is a must. […]

Businesses with public contracts must e-verify current and new employees

A recent Louisiana law now requires all Louisiana private employers bidding on public contracts to verify by sworn statement that it (1) uses the E-verify system to confirm that all of its employees in Louisiana are U.S. citizens or legal aliens, (2) will verify the status of its new employees hired during the term of […]

Louisiana employers subject to penalties for hiring illegal aliens

Under a new Louisiana law, penalties will be assessed against Louisiana employers who hire aliens who are not entitled to lawfully reside or work in the United States. To avoid the penalties for such hires, employers must satisfy one of the following: (1) verification of status by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services E-Verify System […]

Louisiana Companies Beware Solicitation to Prepare Compliance Documents for a fee of $125

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A private out of state company recently mailed official looking documents to Louisiana companies. Media reports reveal that some recipients mailed the form and $125 back to the company erroneously believing they were required to do so.  The Louisiana Secretary of State, however, has specifically disclaimed any affiliation with the mailout. The form mailed out by the […]

Leases from the Tenant’s Perspective

Read, Ask and Negotiate leases

Before signing a lease, follow the R-A-N rule:  Read, Ask and Negotiate. 1.  Read the lease, no matter the length or the small print. 2.  Ask. If you do not understand certain terms, ask for clarification. 3.  Negotiate.  Depending on supply and demand, some terms may be negotiable. The following are some common provisions in […]

Practical steps for collecting on a Louisiana judgment

Here’s how a creditor can collect on a Louisiana judgment: Record the judgment in the land records and keep it up to date The first thing a creditor should do after obtaining a Louisiana money judgment is to record it in the land records in all parishes where the debtor owns real property. The recorded judgment then acts as a […]