Landlocked but not out of luck

utility house

Landlocked landowners in Louisiana can now hookup to utilities on their neighbor’s property. Previously, the enclosed landowner could cross a neighbor’s property only to obtain access to a road. However, it is not an unrestrained right and is not free. Basic elements of acquiring the right of passage for utilities 1.  The owner must have […]

Rotary District 6840 Conference

Rotary District 6840 map

I am a member of the Rotary Club of Slidell Northshore, which is in District 6840. District 6840 covers southeast Louisiana and south Mississippi. All of the towns and cities in the District with Rotary clubs are marked on the map. Rotarians in the district gather each year to celebrate, learn and enjoy fellowship. Our 57th such […]

Time Management Focus of Business Women’s Meeting

Time Management

I have the privilege of serving as the president of Business Women’s Network of East St. Tammany for our 2013-14 year. Although our year is drawing to a conclusion, we have two exciting new programs coming up in Slidell. Our March meeting will focus on Time Management.  Please contact me if you would like to attend.

Due Diligence Before Starting a Business

Consult with the Small Business Development Centers Stop and Think. Especially if this is your first business venture. Starting a business is more than just meeting the legal requirements; there’s much much more. There are personality, family, financial, market, education and planning considerations. Adequate and thorough analysis of these and other factors is a must. […]

Bank mortgage primed by later filed general contractor lien

house construction

In this case, the contractor recorded his contract prior to the commencement of work. Thereafter a dispute arose between the contractor and the owner and the contractor filed a lien. The parties settled the dispute whereby the owner gave the contractor a promissory note for the amount owed. Then, the contractor canceled its lien and […]

UM rejection to be dated by insured at same time form signed

In February 2011, a Louisiana Court of Appeal held that a uninsured motorist rejection form is not valid unless it is dated by the insured at the time of signature. The case was sent back to the trial court, where conflicting witness testimony will be presented as to who dated the UM coverage section. There is no documentary evidence to prove who dated the rejection. […]

House inspector negligence liability greater than contract amount

A Kentucky court recently found that a negligent home inspector could be held liable for an amount greater than that initially agreed to between the parties by contract. In this case, the contract limited the inspector’s liability for negligence to $200, the cost of the inspection. The court refused to enforce this provision in the contract, finding to do […]