Before Signing a Contract, Consider These Tips

Contract Tips: Negotiate, Review, Inquire, Revise, Decide.

Before signing a contract, consider these tips:

(1)  Read it in its entirety.

(2)  Ask for explanation of any terms you don’t understand.

(3)  Seek legal counsel.

(4)   Make sure it includes all of the terms you requested.

(5)  Unless it is a promissory note, sign multiple originals, or in the alternative make sure you get either the original or a copy and make sure all parties document their files as to who has the original.

(6)  Initial any agreed upon changes.

(7)  If signing as an officer or director or owner of a company, make sure the representative capacity is indicated on your signature line.

(8)  If your signature requires a notary certification, do not sign it outside of the presence of the notary.

(9)  Unless instructed otherwise, sign in blue ink so originals can be distinguished from black and white copies.

(10) Make sure all blanks are filled in.

Click here for analysis of contract provisions you should be aware of before signing.

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Lydia J. Alford

Lydia J. Alford

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Lydia J. Alford
Lydia J. Alford

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