Ten Reasons You Need a Healthcare POA

10 Reasons You Need a  Healthcare Power of Attorney

Any one of these 10 compelling reasons is justification in and of itself for executing a healthcare power of attorney, as well as completion of the medical history form and living will, if that is your preference. And, be sure to consider the  practical considerations discussed below.


Your next course of action

  1. Don’t delay; execute a healthcare POA now. Here’s a sample.
  2. If your spouse or loved one is procrastinating about signing the healthcare POA,  forward this information  with strong encouragement to heed the advice and execute a healthcare POA. You might even consider paying for the healthcare POA if you are the agent. It’s in your best interest financially and for your peace of mind to get it done.
  3. If you don’t fit in 1 or 2 above, forward this information to your children, siblings, other relatives, friends and colleagues.
  4. Print the medical history form, for use by your loved ones for hospital admittance, doctor consultation and completion of insurance forms.
  5. Review this living will and determine if it is within your personal beliefs.

Common Misconceptions about Healthcare Powers of Attorney

  1.  You would be incorrect if you believe: My spouse and I are on the same health insurance, therefore my spouse has the right to make medical decisions for me, talk to the insurance company about what coverage is available for my care, obtain insurance approval of my treatment, and make claims, contest coverage decisions and review bills for me.
  2. Think again if you assume: My spouse has inherent rights to make medical decisions for me, talk to my insurance company and obtain copies of my medical records.
  3. Not so quick: The odds of an emergency are so slim it’s not likely I will ever be in a situation where a healthcare POA will be needed.
  4. Think again: I’m a safe driver, so I won’t ever be injured in a car accident.
  5. STOP if you believe: Healthcare POAs are only needed for serious, life threatening illnesses.
  6. Think Twice: I don’t have a family history of illness, so I won’t get sick.
  7. I’m careful, I’ll never fall, or trip, or stumble, or lose my balance. Really?

Practical Suggestions

  1. Make sure you execute at least five originals of the healthcare POA, one for the agent, two for you and one for the notary. If there is more than one agent, then execute enough POAs so that each agent has at least one original.
  2. If you price shop for your healthcare POA, make sure you understand the cost for multiple originals.
  3. Store at least one original in your home in case of an emergency and one in a fire proof container,  preferably a bank safe deposit box.
  4. Give a copy to your doctors and other healthcare providers to be scanned as part of your medical record.

Here’s What Our Website Can Do For You

  1. Our Wills and Estate Planning/Probate page includes a complete discussion of not only healthcare powers of attorney, but also general powers of attorney, last will and testament and living wills.
  2. Real life examples of issues with last wills and testaments and powers of attorney.

Contact us for a consultation.

Brochure: Ten Reasons YOU Need a Healthcare POA



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